Economically speaking,  creativity is a response to scarcity. 
There would be nothing to create if something wasn’t missing.

People are creative because they have to be.

All over the world, wherever people have been colonized, occupied, oppressed, and suppressed, you will also find a counter-culture that speaks truth to the system through art.

So, it should come as no surprise that the "have-nots" drive the culture. In America, it was Jazz, Blues, Rock & Roll, Soul, Funk, Hip-Hope, House, and Techno - all created and embraced by those who had nothing to lose.

Frank White is our way of honoring this legacy by using creativity to dismantle oppressive structures, frameworks, and beliefs.


We must start building the foundation for a world where every voice is heard and elevated. 


Frank White is named after one of the aliases Christopher "The Notorious B.I.G." Wallace used to express himself. Inspired by his father's musical legacy and his life during the War on Drugs in the '80s and '90s, C.J. Wallace started Frank White to celebrate his father's lasting cultural impact.

Frank White celebrates the triumph of Black culture and creativity and honors the history of marginalized people who speak power to oppressive systems via art, music, and counter-cultures.

Frank White embraces the science of the Flow State a.k.a. "The Zone," the mental state where you are fully activated, energized, and focused in activity or performance - when time seems to stop - and you and your creativity are at it's best.

Frank White was created by Think BIG, a social impact company that advocates for the global legalization of hemp and cannabis by 2030. Think BIG works tirelessly for criminal justice reform, and reinvestment and development into the people and communities that were most harmed by the prohibition of cannabis.


Think BIG was founded by C.J. Wallace, Willie Mack and Todd Russaw in 2019.


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